• Oven Mitts are heavy weight with elastic for the wrist
  • Oven Mitts have excellent heat resistance 
  • Oven Mitts are tested to 240 Celsius
  • Actual size - 290mm width x 290mm length (+/- 10mm)

  • Oven Mitts have minimal heat and oil absorption from Trays and Pans
  • Oven Mitts have industrial strength binding and elastic to prevent edge fraying from multiple launderings
  • Oven Mitts are designed for multiple laundering, Easy Care – Longer Life Made slightly oversized to allow for shrinkage from first laundering
  • Hygienic - Elastic side stays cleaner, No contact with Trays or Tins – ensures hands and finished baked products remain clean minimising cross contamination
  • HotMitts Premium 1001-E Oven Holders, in conjunction with regular laundering will ensure bakeries are operating within industry best practise
  • TIP: Launder before using, for ultimate usage.
  • Australian made!

Oven Mitts Premium x 5 1001-E (Price per pair $21.00+GST)

SKU: Code1001E