• Assist in protecting Hands, Wrists and  Lower Arm
  • Designed for use in Commercial Bakeries and to withstand Multiple Commercial Laundering
  • Easy Care – Longer Life – Made slightly oversized to allow for shrinkage from laundering
  • Continuous Filament Bonded Stitching - Minimising fraying  from multiple launderings
  • Length - 360mm AMBIDEXTROUS
  • Oven Mitts are heavy weight 
  • Oven Mitts have excellent heat resistance
  • Oven Mitts are tested to 240 Celsius
  • Oven Mitts have minimal heat and oil absorption from Trays and Pans
  • Oven Mitts are designed for multiple laundering
  • Made in Australia!

Oven Glove 1007 (Price per pair $29.95+GST)

SKU: Code1007