Brian Casserly has owned and operated many bakeries and has been a bakery ingredients, fats and oils consultant since 1985.

Brian is also a former chief judge of The Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition – 2001 / 2002 and the chief judge of The Queensland Meat Pie Competition 2001 & 2006.

Our Hands are our Livelihood


“Why can’t I find an oven mitt that stops my hands from getting hot?”complained a baker friend of mine. No matter what product he used his hands were always painfully hot after unloading oven racks, trays and pans.

I decided to use my many years of experience in the baking industry to design a better product. I tested every mitt on the market then designed one made from 100% cotton fabric to maximise heat reduction and reduce cloth thickness for better hand control. They have been tested to withstand 240 Celsius for longer periods - not many ovens get hotter than that!

They are ideally suited to food ingredient and equipment suppliers for tools of trade and promotional give-aways.

In our industry our hands are our livelihood and we are proud that we have made the dangerous task of handling hot metal trays, pans and cookware much safer.

Brian Casserly, Principal